The benefits of Service Design

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In the first blog of our Service Design series, we introduced the methodology. In this blog we will tell you more about the benefits of Service Design. Why would you want to apply this methodology? Service design thinking is a proven method for business growth. The benefits go as deep for your company as they do for customers.

Design for change

How many times have you left a formal meeting and doubted that anything was actually going to change? So many times we get together to solve a problem and in the end nothing is accomplished. Sadly, many approaches to solving business challenges are misaligned for various reasons. Innovative, business changing ideas can be fleeting at times, but that’s the gist of what service design thinking helps address.

As a method for solving complex problems, service design thinking helps organizations discern unmet needs and create value from those insights. Yet, the real benefit is seeing how employees and colleagues personally transform as they get exposed to the iterative process—alignment, discovery, opportunity, road map and validation. It’s something extra-ordinary to be part of. At first a project team will be unknowing, and having doubts about the approach and framework. But at an average of only two sessions everyone is on board and you can actually feel the positive energy in the war room.

Not only will you create a shared goal or a challenge to focus on. You will also create a greater understanding of the customer and the ability to retain the customer perspective in the delivery of complex services or implementing new business tools. Because of the use of design tools such as visualization, journey mapping, blueprinting and scenario-making, the team will also have a richer organizational understanding of customer and organizational issues and opportunities. Within the framework we make it possible to make the customer experience and organization wide responsibility.

A different kind of view

By applying the service design method, we create experiences that are consistent across touch points and designed around customer needs instead of the ‘inside out’ organization’s view of the world. It’s all about starting with the customer’s needs and their desired experiences and then designing the organization to deliver its services around those needs. The delivery of services spans all channels and touch points, with the one objective of having them work together to provide a seamless customer experience.


The methodology breaks down silos, it changes the mindset, it will strategically define opportunities and makes a plan actionable. Sounds great right? In the next blog we’ll explain more about the approach with the seven phases and deliverables.

Are you already interested in more information? Catch up over a cup of coffee with our expert Gerard van den Dool (+31102294656).

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