Digital Marketing Live, we will be there!

Door Lisanne Vredenbregt -

The 7th edition of Digital Marketing Live will take place next week on Thursday (May 31) in Amsterdam. This is the place to be for a yearly digital marketing update, no wonder that we will be there!

Digital Marketing Live is the biggest event of the Benelux in online marketing, advertising and interactive media. You will find sessions, pitches, interviews, marketing-tech demo’s, startups, panel discussions, workshops and round tables at the event. This year, Merkle NL is gold sponsor of the event. Together with our sister companies: Oogst, aFrogleap, OFS and Your Social we will be there with a stand, keynotes and round tables.

Merkle NL Program

You can find a full overview of the program at the Digital Marketing Live website. Curious to find out what we (Merkle NL) have to offer? Then read on!

Keynote, Case Mazda: Better campaigns through smarter media purchases



How do you differentiate your Marketing campaigns in 2018? How do you make sure that your campaigns contribute to your sales objectives and at the same time are creating market value? Together with Oogst, Mazda uses Smart Media Buying to offer a Full Funnel Experience in campaigns. During this session, we show you how smart and transparent media purchases, in combination with data and technology, contributes to the best results!



Keynote: Our conversational future, how voice will change the conversation



Voice interfaces are coming fast. In the United States, already 30% of the searches are through Voice. The Alexa's and Google Homes are selling like hot cake. Due to the fast developments of Machine Learning, the experience continuously improves. In this inspiring Keynote Bart will tell you more about the future of Voice and what you must take into account as a marketer.



Round table: How a full funnel approach leads to more awareness and sales



How do you reach young adults more effective? And increase brand awareness as well as sales? That is by addressing young adults on relevant themes that are very well targeted through Google, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. During this session, Raoul will show you by using campaigns for AON/Zilvern Kruis, that investing in awareness with an excellent execution will pay of deeper in the funnel.



Round table: Employer Branding, the online battle for talent



The battle for talent on social media is happening. Employer branding is the answer. The job market grows and the talent pool starts to drain for many companies. How do you find the right people for the specific vacancies you have? Talent is more valuable then ever and the hunt is opened to win people for your company. There is a relative new kid on the block within e-recruitment: social media.



Will you be there? You can get the last tickets at: Oh, and don't forget to say hi at our Merkle NL stand during DML!