Hack your Marketing!

Door Katja Dekker -

Nuon strongly believes that creating excellent customer-driven dialogues is the only way towards sustainable customer value. Especially In a strong price fighters market with price comparison websites gaining territory and ever declining conversion rates in all channels. Nuon, together with Oxyma creates value for their customers by offering them the exact right proposition in the right way, at the right time, all the time.

Jumpstart your customer-driven dialogues

Creating sustainable customer value requires a customer-driven marketing (CDM) approach for which Nuon disrupted their marketing communication department by reorganising it along the customer journey stages. Also, Nuon and Oxyma built a Next Generation Marketing (NGM) database and together we implemented all processes required to run campaigns and collect transactional and non-transactional response.

Hacking Nuon Marketing

To further enhance their marketing programme Nuon realised they needed to prove that more personal and relevant customer dialogues improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Therefore they needed to hack their marketing. Hacking stands for dedication, excellent skills and creativity, no 9-5 mentality, finding a solution to a problem and always, always being focused on the result. So a small dedicated and skilled project team – consisting of both Nuon and Oxyma team members – was deployed with the objective to build a showcase that not only proved customer-driven campaigns lead to better conversion rates and improved customer experiences, but also enabled Nuon to implement this way of working across the organisation with awareness of the pitfalls that lay ahead.

Your way towards customer-driven dialogues

We limited the scope to one segment of the client database and isolated 20% of this segment for the purpose of this project. No other campaigns interfered with our test database for the duration of our project. We set up a three-staged strategy for Hacking Nuon Marketing. Each stage had a clear focus and would take four weeks to complete:

1. “Fix the basics”

Define target groups and create basic insights of these groups, set up multi-channel campaign flows, set-up way of working, and create monitoring dashboard.

2.  “Personalisation”

Improve campaign flows based on response, content testing, set up follow-up flows based on customer behaviour and non-response, learn to use data insights for next activity scheduling.

3.  “Conversion”

Optimise campaign flows using flow- and proposition testing, attribution analyses.

Getting better results with a personal approach

We used target groups and historical data to define the exact right time, channel mix and proposition to address a specific person. All micro-campaigns consisted of a personalised approach, combining online media with personal sales, e-mail, and direct mail. A preferred proposition was chosen from a pre-defined set of propositions based on previous purchase behaviour. We designed different e-mailings, Facebook ads, banner sets, Adwords campaigns, direct mails and scripting for each target group. We set-up a DMP to target and engage online visitors.

Hacking your marketing towards improved customer-driven dialogues

In a short period of time we were able to show excellent results, the overall conversion rate went up significantly. Also we implemented a good number of innovations:

1. Number of channels in campaigns: + 6

We shifted from single channel campaigns to multi-channel. We closed the gap between online and CRM and provided a seamless customer experience. We added personalised – data-driven – Facebook ads and bannering to the channel mix, as well as retargeting.

2. Developed telemarketing priority formula

We prioritised telemarketing records according to their level of “hotness”, meaning calls were first made to clients who are most likely to buy

3. Implemented feedback sessions

We set up monthly feedback sessions with telemarketing agents and door-to-door teams for optimised customer experiences by combining data intelligence with human intelligence.

4. Created centralised briefing process

We reduced the implementation period of an event by centralising the briefing process and combining all channel expertise in one team.

5. Creation of copy platform

We created a copy platform which meant we were able to clear copy through legal and communication beforehand and all content elements were ready to use at all times. This enabled us to quickly run content tests and optimize campaigns.

6. Internal ambassador programme

We asked employees involved in this new way of working to become an internal ambassador to share their experiences and learnings with the rest of the organisation, thus creating awareness and common ground.

Creating sustainable customer value is the only way forward

We are certain that every one of us is facing the challenges described above. We too believe it all starts with the “Why”, but in the meantime the “How” has become an even bigger question for most companies. So Oxyma combines customer centric strategy with data intelligence, clever technology and innovation to help clients create sustainable customer value.

Let’s get up there!