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Last time we told you about the benefits of Service Design. In this blog we will outline the approach. At Oxyma we’ve defined seven phases for our service design projects to improve the customer experience. Whether you want to select a new vendor or you want a new website, these phases are key to make your project a success.

All phases have specific activities and deliverables, a perfect framework for your project.

1. Alignment

Getting ready for a service design project is what the alignment phase is all about, and like any project it is important to begin with a strong foundation. It’s essential in to set the right expectations. Some of the tools we use are a Stakeholder Map and the Business Model Canvas.

2. Discovery

Where are we at today? And what are the business objectives? The team needs to understand the context, connections, process and people who are involved. And of course we start with the behavior, needs and motivations of key users or customers. Some of the tools we use are the Empathy Map and the existing Customer Journey.

3. Opportunity

What are the right opportunities for tomorrow? We’ll dive into the desired outcome for your customer and business. The current customer journey is the foundation to improving and filling gaps. With the team we create different opportunities and we sketch them to make our ideas tangible. Some of the tools we use are Storyboarding and Customer Journey Mapping.

4. Roadmap

And do we get there? We prioritize the different opportunities based on customer and business value. We provide a visual and tangible timeline for the project with achievable goals.

5. Validate

It’s all about co-creation. What does your customer think about your idea? How could it work? We’ll create a prototype to test with real users. For example in a Product Design Sprint.

6. Orchestrate

How do we make it real? We help you implement tools and create new touchpoints to be able to deliver the best experience.

7. Embed

Are you ready to change your mindset? To accept that it’s OK to fail and then learn. Creating a customer centric organization is easier said than done. We provide a playbook and we give masterclasses to start opening minds and get the ball rolling. This critical phase occurs throughout this project during each phase.

Eager to know more about how this could be applied to your company and customers? Catch up over a cup of coffee with our expert Dominique 't Jong

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