Oxyma Selligent Partner of the Year 2017

Door Oxyma -

Last week, during the Selligent Customer First Summit in Malta, we received the title European Selligent Partner of the Year 2017. Hooray!! Together with Roy Jugessur, Vice President UK & Northern Europe Selligent and André Lejeune, Co-Founder and CEO at Selligent we took a look at our fruitful partnership.

“It’s been a rich partnership since 2010. We very much embraced the Consumer First approach so our collaboration has proven to be very fruitful in the last couple of years.” says Roy Jugessur, Vice President UK & Northern Europe Selligent. “There have been a number of opportunities that both organizations have worked on and our level of success is unprecedented. Especially when we look towards the end of this year, KPN proved to be a formidable win for both organizations.”

Emile Stappaerts, Business Development Manager Oxyma thinks the partnership with Selligent is special because they have a very strong technology platform that enables Oxyma to deliver their promise to their clients. “Together we build strong customer experiences for consumers.”

André Lejeune, Co-Founder and CEO Selligent adds: “The way Oxyma services their clients is really enabling their brands to adapt to the Consumer First vision that we really like at Selligent. They are extremely knowledgeable about the solution, across the entire organization. They are respectful to clients and they are loyal. So, we really value Oxyma.”

Jos van Loo, CEO Oxyma concludes “Selligent is very adaptive in introducing new functionality and they have a strong and competitive licensing model. But most important is the way the teams of Selligent and Oxyma work together, they’re fun to work with.”

Want to see the complete interview in 2 minutes?

Interested in what Selligent can do for your business, or do you have any questions?

Please contact Emile Stappaerts, Business Development Director for more information: Emile.Stappaerts@oxyma.nl or +31629064566.

More about Selligent

Read more about our partnership in our blog or more about Selligent via Selligent.com.

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