Shopping Tomorrow & Oxyma: Performance Based Marketing

Door Raquelle Barnhoorn -

Shopping Tomorrow is a digital commerce platform where experts from different branches work together and share knowledge. Every year, several expert groups deal with different topics. All these topics are brought together in the yearly Shopping Tomorrow book. We from Oxyma are in the lead for the topic: Performance Based Marketing.

We bring in knowledge through the experience we have accumulated with our (retail) clients and on the other side, the expert group provides us knowledge we can use to further understand our clients’ needs.

Together with twenty other experts, our consultant Katja Dekker has been working on this topic during the past year. Want to learn more about Performance Based Marketing? You can download the chapter about Performance Based Marketing in a Blue Paper here.The Blue Paper explains what Performance Based Marketing entails and includes expert tips and cases.

After reading the Blue Paper about Performance Based Marketing, you know a lot about this topic, but how is your organization doing? Where is room for growth and improvement within Performance Based Marketing? This is where the Maturity Scan comes in very conveniently! The Maturity Scan gives an internal insight into the professionality of the organization analyzing four themes; data, technology, marketing and people. This insight offers your organization a clear roadmap that shows where you are at the moment and the steps that need to be taken to achieve the next level in the performance marketing strategy. Curious to find out the level of maturity for your organization? You can do the actual assessment here.

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Curious to find out more about Performance Based Marketing or the maturity scan for your organization? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Katja Dekker, our expert/consultant:

Please note, Shopping Tomorrow is a Dutch platform for all e-commerce professionals, therefore the book and whitepapers are published in Dutch.

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